Check Out These Tricks To Get More Followers

Check Out These Tricks To Get More Followers

instagram tips and tricks to get free followers

Will you or your company become a star at Instagram. We have the tips and tricks as they can get more followers at Instagram.

How to use Instagram successfully for your company

Current statistics on succession at Instagram now have over 500 million accounts. Each minute, more than 40,000 images and videos are shared, making a total of 60 million contributions per day. Everyone is familiar with the saying “A picture is worth a thousand words” – Instagram is the perfect addition to your company web presence , your blog and other social media channels like Facebook , Twitter or Google+ . Early on, well-known brands have discovered the use of the app for themselves. But also for smaller companies, the social network is a great opportunity to reach new customers and spread their advertising message. We’ll tell you the tips and tricks for your professional Instagram account and how you manage your reach to enlarge the network and more followers to make to your attention. Keep your competitors in mind. It’s always good if you know what your competitors are doing on the market. This also applies to Instagram. This does not mean that you should imitate someone or take a look. Just look for inspiration what others do. You may notice characteristics that you can improve in your own approaches.

let yourself be inspired

You can start the search even before loading the app and creating an account. Many major brands are already firmly established at Instagram and are among the top accounts. See, for example, a list of the top 50 brands on Instagram and get inspiration from the shared photos. Of course, you do not have to compete with a million company, but look at the style and style of the photos and think about what you can derive for your profile and your business. Even a comparison with smaller companies can be helpful here. It is important, of course, that you collect different impressions here in order to design your individual profile and not to be a copy of other pages.

The right strategy for more followers

Once you get your first inspiration, develop the strategy of your enterprise account on Instagram. You’ll have noticed that most companies have a consistent style of looking at your photos. Even if the brand is not visible in the photo, the pictures or videos are related to this. A direct connection is also possible, as are photos from the wider environment of the advertising message and the target group. Think about who exactly is your target group and what interests it has. How to combine your brand, what kind of life, which objects, what hobbies, what goals etc. fit. Make a brainstorming with colleagues or friends to develop creative ideas and get feedback. In view of these aspects, please create the name for your profile and select your profile photo. This is the sign for the first impression of your account and should ideally represent you and your company.

Suppose you are the owner of a gym. In this case you should publish pictures of your studio and your team. What you want to show is who you are and what you have to offer the customer. To provide variety for your customers, you can also post photos of appealing and healthy meals and drinks. It is expected that followers who are keen on sports are also interested in healthy lifestyles. Do you have new employees or do you offer new courses? Always keep the users informed of the latest photos and the corresponding hashtags . The same applies to events and competitions. The annual regional marathon is not just for publishing an image. Call your customers to participate and share photos under your hashtag.

The quality of the photos and videos

Photos you want to upload to Instagram can also be taken directly with the app. However, there is also the possibility to use a high-quality camera and edit the photos, for example with Photoshop, beforehand. With Instagram itself, you also have numerous processing options for a photo. Filter can be used to change the mood of an image. Thus, from simple, not particularly conspicuous photos through the right filter are real eye-catchers. The filters with the most resonance on Instagram are by the way “Mayfair” and “Inkwell”. However, make sure you do not use too many different filters to keep a consistent style for your profile. It is best to look for a few filters that you use regularly. This not only ensures you a better visual appearance, but also saves you time you can use to take pictures. Collages are also a popular way to integrate multiple photos into one image. Let your creativity run wild and try it out!

Even if many photos seem like spontaneous snapshots, they are usually not. Take several shots until you are satisfied with the quality. High-quality pictures stand for professionalism, have a positive effect on your image and secure you a greater number of followers. If you are new to Instagram, it is advisable first to start with the release of photos and to slow down on your own videos. If you are already familiar with this area, videos of course provide variety for your profile and your followers, bringing them closer to your company. If you need help creating videos for your company, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Hashtag forever

Especially in the social network Instagram, hashtags (links marked by a #) are unthinkable. Through a well thought-out and targeted use of the right hashtags, you can increase your reach in the net. Care: Look for a good relationship between trendy, appropriate hashtags – but in moderation. Although 30 hashtags per posting are possible, according to studies, 11 hashtags per photo are optimal. If you need help with choosing the right hashtags, consult as you like. Check what the most popular hashtags of the day are and link your photos and videos. To get more Likes, you can also participate in competitions. Such contests take place every day on Instagram and often look for the funniest or most beautiful photos on a topic. Every day many thousands of users also take part in competitions under the Hashtags #picture of the day or #bestoftheday. If you have a little more security with the posting at Instagram and you have already secured some followers, you can start a competition yourself. You can also advertise one of your products or advertisements as a prize and secure further distribution. Most of the hashtags are of course posted in English. Even if your potential customers are more likely to be in a regional area, it may be advisable to occasionally publish an English hashtag or posting. This will expand your follower circuit, and this number can again have a positive effect on the impression of your actual target group. We will keep you up to date on hashtag trends and advise you on how your company can implement the tips and tricks professionally.

The perfect time for your post

Unlike other social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter, Instagram is an app for use on mobile devices. This still applies, although photos and videos can also be viewed from the desktop. The right time to post your pictures depends on when most users visit Instagram on their smartphone. It is assumed that a photo will get most likes within the first hour after the release. In total, you have a time window of up to four hours to get reactions. After that, most of your photos will no longer appear under the latest news from your followers. One way is to publish a photo in the morning. Many users are looking at news on the way to work. Even more attention will ensure you a posting at the end of the evening between 5 and 6 pm, where the most traffic is shown on Instagram.

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Social media channels and their own web presence

If you are on several social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Co., it is useful to link these together. This is especially easy with Facebook and Instagram because Instagram belongs to Facebook. In this way, the content is shared across platforms across both networks, thus reaching more people. We are happy to help you. Also, link your Instagram profile to your web presence or blog, call your Facebook friends to visit Instagram and make your mouthpiece: Have you seen our new Instagram image? Instagram can also be used to promote your personal blog.

Make yourself visible

One of the best ways to draw attention is to comment and to liken others’ pictures. Browse through Instagram and search for different hashtags that are interesting to you. In addition to likes, other Instagram users will be curious about interesting, unusual, constructive comments, and you will also emphasize your individuality. The more you appear on other profiles, the higher the probability that other users will click on your page and follow you. Also, the hashtag #likeforlikes (like me, I like you) is useful, because this summarizes images of people who assume that if these people liked your photo, you would highlight a picture of that person in return with a heart. A further possibility are so-called shoutouts. In doing so, you are advertising a different page and asking your followers to visit them. It is quite possible that the corresponding page will return your shoutout and thus make advertising for your account again. Choose pages that fit well with your image. However, use fewer well-selected shoutouts with time intervals. Your followers might otherwise be deterred.

Stay up-to-date and post regularly

In order to keep your followers on Instagram and, therefore, your potential customers, in your profile, it is important that you regularly post your own pictures and videos and post comments and likes. If your account is inactive for an extended period of time, or if you are rarely aware of your followers, there is a risk that your account will not bring you the desired result. Provide variety on your profile, you can also refresh an old image or add a so-called geotag, ie a location, to the photos. This gives the exact location of the photo and can be used, for example, to express the regionality or, if appropriate, the internationality of your company. Of course, MUCH is not always the same. If there are too many posts, your followers might get the feeling of spam and lose interest. On average, two postings per day are rated as optimal for Instagram. For an even more targeted distribution of your photos and videos, you can also install an additional app to analyze your Instagram page. This allows you to analyze exactly how many users visit your profile at what time, and thus develop the perfect strategy when and how many contributions you should make. These are free as freeware, with additional features also to purchase.

Have you used the tips? Do you already have more Follower on Instagram? Do you have other tips on how to get more followers at Instagram? We are looking forward to your experiences? Do you want to help develop the right social media strategy for your company? We would be glad to advise you in order to provide you with the perfect online marketing mix for your presence on the Internet and the social media

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