Who Am I

Hey what’s up guys! I want to welcome me to my new website, Eric Wright the customize fashion and business blogger. This blog will have it all, from arts to music, the fashion to today’s living. I currently reside in New York City but am originally from California. I love the arts since living here in New York City. Life here has opened up more than I can explain from sightseeing to activities to daily living, life in New York is fast and always on the go.

My earlier days I was successful as a musician. Yeah I used to play the saxophone and believe me it’s as hard as it looks but with a lot of practice I was able to master it. In my early 20s I worked as an advertising agency for company in Philadelphia.

Life back then was hectic now in my late 20s heading to toward my 30s life is a lot more smoother, and simplified.

But wait and you say you live in New York?

Of course! Your life is superfast and on the go.

You just have to know how to deal with. I started my blog to enlighten others outside of the city of New York what’s going on with fashion life and everyday living from a normal man.

throughout my blog you will see posts, updates, photos of what I feel is interesting enough to share to the world.

The Internet has allowed us to share our own opinions thoughts and life to anyone and everyone across the globe.

We live in a grand age and the Internet has really helped us reach places fast and instantly. We can reach people in the farthest corners that we will never meet or come in contact with however through our blogs videos in social media we can befriend people all over the world.

Welcome to my website I encourage you to visit browse around and let me know your opinions on my life as I post updates when I can.I’ve recently Set up my , and my IG. Please follow me share my post and comment on my social media thanks.

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