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Top Graphic Designers in The South

While back in Texas I was able to visit a few local businesses around the city. Dallas is growing a great rate, new buildings, new bridges and tons more attractions.  I was able to attend a local business network meeting with local business owners from around the city. One person I ran across was a top graphic designer in the city. He was great. He gave me his card because I was needing some work done.

The company is called Mixtape Masters. These guys specialize in , business cards, brochure designs and print. If you haven’t check them out Ill post a link below. They’ve been around for over 10+ years designing both web and print work.

Ill post a few mixtape covers they’ve recently designed. They work with a lot of independent rappers and artists all across the city. I fully recommend these guys for any custom mix tape cover graphics and any additional print work. Ill be back in Dallas in a few months. I’ve stayed in contact with them because they’re doing work for me. Does your business need a in the DFW area? Count on these guys to get the job done right the first time.

My Dallas Visit with Old Friends

Just last week I took a quick trip to Dallas Texas. My old stomping grounds. It’s been years since I’ve been there. But Texas is fun. It’s a state where you experience all 4 seasons of the year with crazy heat spikes. I ran across a few old friends for dinner. There’s great resturants and places to eat in Dallas. The food is great. You can have just about anything that’s on your mind.

One good friend was named Mr Carson was a dance instructor that was teaching a certain type of dance was that growing in the city. The dance was called Swing out and Chicago Steppin. He’s a great teacher. He was telling me all about his chicago steppin classes he teaches and how full they get filled up quickly. I’m proud of the guy! He’s worked hard to get to this level. If you want check out his website here if you are interested in learning it. We had dinner this past Saturday night as we caught up on life.  After we parted I had a fashion event to attend in the downtown area of Dallas.

I’ll post photos and videos shoot of some great fashion I saw and what’s new in the city of Dallas. A lot has changed and more new buildings have popped up. Stay tuned guys. Ill be posting a new blog post soon for you on a new line of clothes Im dropping this 2015.

My Texas Job in Water Damage

Times have changed over the years since living in the great state of Texas. Now living in New York I look back and see how times have changed. I’ve always been into fashion. I knew someday I’d move to New York to acomplish my  dream of talking, living and breathing the fashion of NYC. The other day I was chatting with a friend and disccussing old jobs we had. He use to be a waiter in Los Angeles. He said the work was hard and low pay but he had to do what he had to do in order to get his rent paid. I totally understand his past live. I was living in Texas.

My previous job in Texas I use to work for a . What exactly did the company do? Well we worked mainly emergency cases when flooding occurred in someone’s home or business from a broken water heater to overflowing toilet  that just can’t be stopped. I happen to find a video from them on Youtube searching for the company on there. I wanted to see if they were still in business and to my behold they were! Awesome.

I worked for this company for years. They really help me and gave me a start in life and business and allowed me to save money to finally move to New york. I’ll post the youtube video of the company .  Your dream can happen. They take years of hard work and mainly focus to make it in this world. If you are struggling to reach your goals, keep at it each day.

Successful Business Bloggers Around The World

I ran across an interesting article today on the list that I frequently visit for news article postings and to get the latest news on what’s going on in today’s world. This article is about 10 of the most inspirational bloggers across the world. This article is really informative as it led me on to bloggers I’ve never even heard of yet there were so worldwide known.

While I won’t go through the entire list on this post I will share a few that really stood out. Someone heard of some I have. Also be sure to check out their own blogs to get even more in depth on how these guys speak to their audience and make a living full-time. With their blogs

I’ll post a link later on after I get done talking about these bloggers I happen to run across from this article.

The first one is from a guy named Gary Vaynerchuck in which I’ve heard of because he’s from my own city New York. He’s been featured all over from GQ Wall Street Journal to even on the late-night show with Conan O’Brien. He also has a successful video blogging which he talks to us about everything including his main topic which is wine. Upon reading this article I saw how he turned a $3 million in your wine business to $60 million. wow!

The next one, His name is Rand Fishkin. This guy discusses mapping that SEO. He focuses entirely on building SCO software and helping businesses generate more profits as traffic online using nothing but SEO tactics.

A few other popular ones that you probably already know,, and

Another of my favorite is Tim Ferris. Tim is the author of the four hour work week. The ever popular book that became an instant bestseller years ago and still to this day’s is a top read and recommended book by many top professionals.

Be sure to check out this article on plus you can read about all the other bloggers that are currently making a successful living online.

Be sure to share this article on your wall or twitter. Thanks again.

Hello from New York City

I want to welcome everyone to the new website.

Hello everyone or should I say hello world. :)

My name is Eric Wright, I am a New York City fashion business blogger. I set up this website for those interested in learning more about New York City’s life, fashion, business lifestyle and living. Since living in New York I’ve learned, seen and experienced a lot that I have living on the West Coast.

My blog will go indepth in fashion with today’s man.

While the majority of blog websites out there are catering toward women, I saw there wasn’t any for men. Don’t get me wrong there are a few good popular blog websites dedicated toward men, but just not enough and not expressing what I wanted to see and hear from these bloggers.

I will not only discussed what I see and live in New York but also living in general as an everyday man. I won’t express grants, visions, photos and just about everything else that runs across my life.

I will express all and share all the visitors so they can experience the same life from my eyes, many have followed me from Facebook also twitter but the main reason for starting this blog was pushed up on me from my readers.

Eric you definitely need a blog you have much to talk and I would agree.

I’ve been in New York for over 20 years as a professional businessman I can give input to many others wanted to learn the field of business and living here. In this fast cities

Throughout my blog will find post that I’ve created of websites, people, stories, and just about anything that catches my attention enough to share to my readers I encourage you all to share and comment on my post. This will encourage me to post more and not only that I enjoy feedback from my readers. It helps to show I have a readership! Which of course is extremely important as a blogger. If you have any questions please contact me I enjoy hearing from all my readers.

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