My Texas Job in Water Damage

Times have changed over the years since living in the great state of Texas. Now living in New York I look back and see how times have changed. I’ve always been into fashion. I knew someday I’d move to New York to acomplish my  dream of talking, living and breathing the fashion of NYC. The other day I was chatting with a friend and disccussing old jobs we had. He use to be a waiter in Los Angeles. He said the work was hard and low pay but he had to do what he had to do in order to get his rent paid. I totally understand his past live. I was living in Texas.

My previous job in Texas I use to work for a . What exactly did the company do? Well we worked mainly emergency cases when flooding occurred in someone’s home or business from a broken water heater to overflowing toilet  that just can’t be stopped. I happen to find a video from them on Youtube searching for the company on there. I wanted to see if they were still in business and to my behold they were! Awesome.

I worked for this company for years. They really help me and gave me a start in life and business and allowed me to save money to finally move to New york. I’ll post the youtube video of the company .  Your dream can happen. They take years of hard work and mainly focus to make it in this world. If you are struggling to reach your goals, keep at it each day.

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