My Dallas Visit with Old Friends

Just last week I took a quick trip to Dallas Texas. My old stomping grounds. It’s been years since I’ve been there. But Texas is fun. It’s a state where you experience all 4 seasons of the year with crazy heat spikes. I ran across a few old friends for dinner. There’s great resturants and places to eat in Dallas. The food is great. You can have just about anything that’s on your mind.

One good friend was named Mr Carson was a dance instructor that was teaching a certain type of dance was that growing in the city. The dance was called Swing out and Chicago Steppin. He’s a great teacher. He was telling me all about his chicago steppin classes he teaches and how full they get filled up quickly. I’m proud of the guy! He’s worked hard to get to this level. If you want check out his website here if you are interested in learning it. We had dinner this past Saturday night as we caught up on life.  After we parted I had a fashion event to attend in the downtown area of Dallas.

I’ll post photos and videos shoot of some great fashion I saw and what’s new in the city of Dallas. A lot has changed and more new buildings have popped up. Stay tuned guys. Ill be posting a new blog post soon for you on a new line of clothes Im dropping this 2015.

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