Hello from New York City

I want to welcome everyone to the new costumize.me website.

Hello everyone or should I say hello world. :)

My name is Eric Wright, I am a New York City fashion business blogger. I set up this website for those interested in learning more about New York City’s life, fashion, business lifestyle and living. Since living in New York I’ve learned, seen and experienced a lot that I have living on the West Coast.

My blog will go indepth in fashion with today’s man.

While the majority of blog websites out there are catering toward women, I saw there wasn’t any for men. Don’t get me wrong there are a few good popular blog websites dedicated toward men, but just not enough and not expressing what I wanted to see and hear from these bloggers.

I will not only discussed what I see and live in New York but also living in general as an everyday man. I won’t express grants, visions, photos and just about everything else that runs across my life.

I will express all and share all the visitors so they can experience the same life from my eyes, many have followed me from Facebook also twitter but the main reason for starting this blog was pushed up on me from my readers.

Eric you definitely need a blog you have much to talk and I would agree.

I’ve been in New York for over 20 years as a professional businessman I can give input to many others wanted to learn the field of business and living here. In this fast cities

Throughout my blog will find post that I’ve created of websites, people, stories, and just about anything that catches my attention enough to share to my readers I encourage you all to share and comment on my post. This will encourage me to post more and not only that I enjoy feedback from my readers. It helps to show I have a readership! Which of course is extremely important as a blogger. If you have any questions please contact me I enjoy hearing from all my readers.

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